The Partners

Ghislain Raymond - Sr. Tech.

Mr. Ghislain Raymond is a passionate individual who is committed to excellence, professional rigour, and integrity.To his credit he has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications field, including outdoor networks (fibre optic, copper), grounding network conception, IP network infrastructure design, installation security (access control, video monitoring, remote access, etc..), design of wireless cell sites (rooftop, industrial site, intra-building, monopole, etc..), and intelligent transportation systems.

Additionally, Mr. Raymond has specialized in project management during the past 7 years. As a Project Director in wireless technology, he built and lead several teams to deliver on detailed engineering mandates, including managing projects to secure Hydro-Québec installations, completing more than 100 detail engineering projects to control access to strategic sites. Mr. Raymond was also a member of the engineering standardization committee of Hydro-Québec for these projects.

Regarding his experience with Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mr. Raymond actively participated in the design of the RoadwayTraffic Management System of Montreal (called Système de Gestion de la Circulation Autoroutière de Montréal - SGCAM) for the Quebec Ministry of Transport, the modernization of telephony and video surveillance systems in the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine and Ville-Marie tunnels, and the new implementation of roadside weather stations for monitoring road conditions across Quebec.

Last but not least, his leadership and expertise make Mr. Raymond an important asset in the Origin team.


Luc Durand - ENG, CWTS, CWNA

Mr. Durand is cumulating more than 20 years of experience in the telecom and wireless industry. Engineer, member of the professional association of engineers in Quebec (OIQ), he also has  iBwave, CWTS and CWNA certifications.

Over his career, he has participated in many cellular network deployments, most notably for VoiceStream (now T-Mobile) and Bell Mobility in Western Canada. During his 14 years tenure at Bell Mobility, he started as a RF engineer and ended up occupying the National Equipment Engineering Director position.

Mr. Durand has extensive expertise in wireless design and optimization over a broad range of technologies (GSM, CDMA, HSPA/UMTS, LTE, iDEN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max). Having a global vision of the network infrastructure, he tests and recommends equipment while taking into account the practical aspects of its deployment and integration into the network.

Recognized for his leadership, he successfully managed nationwide teams and multiple large scale projects. He has acquired abilities in managing both OPEX and CAPEX budgets. He has a passion for deploying new technologies and optimizing processes and resources.

Great at problem solving, his customer focus and pragmatic vision help him identify the root cause and propose efficient solutions.


Denis Aubé, Tech. Sr.

Mr. Denis Aubé has been working in the radiocommunication industry for more than 30 years. He is known for his communication skills and his analytical and creative mind. Being meticulous, Mr. Aubé takes great pride in work appropriately accomplished. Endowed with capabilities for rapid adaptation to any situation, as well as its excellent learning ability, he recognizes as much individual contribution than teamwork. Conscientious and motivated, he has an excellent sense of organization, and is anxious to produce quality work.

Mr. Aubé has managed multiple mandates in radiocommunication, including design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of various systems such as radio console systems, monitoring systems and digital technology such as P25, FDMA, TDMA systems. He has also actively participated in the deployment of pilot projects (TETRA) in Quebec and feasibility studies.

Having worked for firms such as Airbus DS Communications as a Technical Specialist, the past years have enabled him to increase his knowledge of this market,  thanks to the management of many projects such as needs analysis and the preparation of responses to tenders.

His career as a Specialist in Wireless Technologies has brought him to participate actively in the development of customer specifications and help departments to understand the needs of them. He has been the main technical resource for the field sales force and the bridge with the implementation team as well as having the responsibility for the qualification and management of the technical evaluation of each of the process steps. He has the required skills to present the complete end-to-end radio solutions, including all the needs of a 911 Call Centre. He has the ability to present the solution to facilitate its understanding by an audience of different technical levels and identify all aspects to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer at all stages of a procurement process.

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