Industries and markets

More than ever, the telecommunications sector is changing rapidly. All the industry players must adapt to this environment of constant change. Product cycles are becoming shorter, and operators must support the incredible growth of data services while finding a way to be more efficient. The technology deployed must remain on the cutting edge and strategic decisions must be made more quickly. M2M (Machine-to- Machine) will completely change the way we interact. Time is a critical factor: Marketing, project delivery. So are cost structure, supply chain, capacity usage and maximum utilization of assets, all of which have always been important for companies to maintain or improve their competitiveness. But today, these are critical.

These present both challenges and opportunities for all players in the value chain, whether they are operators, equipment and infrastructure suppliers, engineering and construction firms, technology companies, start-ups, but also the public and parapublic sectors, municipalities, and any other companies with telecommunications needs such as mining, security, and rural and low density regions.

Origin has the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Industries and Markets

  • Telecommunications Operators
  • Suppliers of equipment and infrastructure
  • Engineering companies
  • Technology Enterprises
  • Start-up Businesses
  • Public Sector & parapublic
  • Municipalities
  • Government Institutions
  • Other areas with telecom needs such as mining, security, remote areas, etc..
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