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Taken broadly, connectic is defined by the relationships created between various elements, both static or in motion. At Origin, connectic represent the methods and techniques that enable the connection of places, objects and people. We want to be the Origin of these linkages.

Origin offers simple and innovative solutions customized to meet your needs. Our engineers and experts can assist you at each stage of your project across various technologies such as fibre optic networks, design of outdoor networks, cellular networks, WiMAX and WiFi technologies, microwave radio links, mobile radio systems, wireless internet, voice over IP (VoIP), intelligent transport systems and smart cities.

Whether it is with preliminary studies, planning, design or implementation, or for your needs in customized training, Origin is there for you.


The planning phase helps you better define your project, or make your business evolve so that it is better prepared to face future challenges, whether in technological positioning, competitive environment, operational efficiency or cost structure. This crucial step includes, financial modeling, preliminary studies, technology assessment and other feasibility studies.

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With a long-term plan established, a short or medium term vision must be detailed. The design stage therefore concretely drives, among other things, long-term visions in tactical plans, budgets, detailed engineering and project plans. The design phase provides all the elements that enable the implementation and operationalization phases to proceed.

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We understand that all projects must be delivered on time, according to your requirements and within your budget. At Origin, we take great care in the monitoring of your projects until final acceptance and operationalization.

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Customized Training

For all your needs in training, we have both the experts and the tools that you require. Whether it is for training that covers all the concepts of a telecommunication network, or for more specialized and detailed training for your employees covering specific systems, we offer you a service entirely customized according to your needs. In addition, thanks to our partnership with the firm Expert-Conseil Télécom, we even offer you a mobile training facilities center that allows you to attend the training at the location that better suits you.

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