About us


The concept of Origin was born of the need to bring together independent experts without any affiliation, passionate people with various expertise, who believe in the strength of a team to better serve their customers.

Origin, the beginning of a new way of doing business...


Origin is a new company specializing in telecommunications and connectics.

Origin is a new business model, allowing its experts to be part of decisions while respecting the differences and needs of each individual.

Origin is a different company that focuses on competence, integrity and the approach of its professionals.

Motivated by a long-term vision, Origin offers a different environment that is adapted to the reality of today as well as to the pace and ambitions of its members. With a flexible and innovative structure, Origin provides independent telecommunications experts the freedom they enjoy and the strength of a team.

Our experts, recognized in their field, are passionate professionals with broad expertise who are committed whole heartedly to the needs of their customers and to working as a team. All this is enabled by core values of transparency, professional independence, integrity and a sense of ethics, in addition to the principles of excellence, innovation and leadership.

Origin, the dawn of a new era...

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